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Indiana Business Council

The Indiana Business Council is the pulse of Hoosier business.

Formed to routinely gather thoughts and opinions of employees of Indiana businesses, the Indiana Business Council is an online panel consisting of over 4,000 men and women in business. Council members are invited to provide their feedback on topics to include business outlooks, Indiana innovation, customer perceptions, employee morale and many other common issues facing every Indiana organization.

Council feedback is studied, analyzed, interpreted, and published by Walker and Inside INdiana Business to help organizations better understand and navigate today's business environment.


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Inside INdiana Business


Inside INdiana Business is Indiana's Business News Leader.

With a fully-integrated portfolio of television, radio, Internet, permission-based email and ondemand
business news products, Inside INdiana Business delivers superior journalism trusted
by an educated and affluent audience.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Inside INdiana Business has developed a network of the
state's leading television, radio and print mediums to deliver the business news only Indiana's
Business News Leader can provide. As a result, our daily business news can be watched, heard
and read in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois (including Chicagoland), Ohio and Kentucky.

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Walker - Customer Strategies, Business Success


Walker is a privately held consulting firm specializing in customer strategy. Helping businesses
for more than 70 years, Walker's diverse team of consultants provides tailored, comprehensive
voice-of-the-customer solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives.

Walker works with some of the world's most influential businesses as well as emerging
organizations of all sizes. They specialize in customer loyalty and related customer strategies,
including innovative approaches to segmenting, valuing, obtaining, growing, and retaining
customers. And it works! Walker's clients outperform the market five to one.

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